The walk to Freedom tour

This tour covers the history of our country from the very early Settlers right through to our present day democracy. What makes the tour very interesting is that the historic content is coupled with a geographic route corresponding to the time-line of the history of our country. This tour pulls no punches and shows the "very good" as well as the "very bad" and is intended to portray a balanced view of the history, and the current situation in the country. 

We can visit places like:

  • District 6
  • Walking tour of Langa
  • Athlone
  • Gugulethu
  • Mannenberg
  • Community centres
  • Meat markets
  • Traditional eateries
  • Marimba players
  • a charismatic church service
  • visit Sangoma in shack
  • Visit Nutrition project
  • visit an orphanage
  • a pre-school

Nothing "set up", no "pre arranging" and learning the reality from real people on the street. The "Freedom walk tour" is a long and intense tour as it can be quite emotional and at times quite draining.


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