Dining with a difference

Dining in a foreign country should always be a memorable experience - in a good way, of course. In South Africa and especially in Cape Town, we have a multitude of extremely talented chefs, cooks, cook up kammamas and restaurateur who I work with to create different dining experiences in the most unusual and memorable locations.

Forget about the Great wall of China or a sinking island - we are talking about:

  • on top of Table mountain
  • at the tip of Africa
  • in the cradle of mankind
  • in exclusive private wine cellars
  • in a shark cage surrounded by sharks
  • on top of a lighthouse
  • in a enormous cavern on top of the Cederberg mountains

Come to Cape Town and see just how far out of the box we can take your dining experience

Click here to see an example of a "Dining with a Difference" experience

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